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First Alpha version of schema published.

Though it is still rough and only covers the fundamental constituents of a DEMML™ topic, the DEMML_0.1 schema is available for viewing here.

Created DEMML™ blog site.

It took me a while to get around to creating a blog but it is finally up. (Updated July 8, 2009)
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Added new Features and Benefits page.

DEMML is truely unique but I seem to have a hard time getting people to see that. Hopefully this will help. (Updated Dec. 10, 2007)
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New Powerpoint about Communications Systems

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How DEMML™ was Invented

Necessity truly is the mother of invention.
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The History of DEMML

How DEMML™ was Invented

DEMML™ was invented by me, Grant Sheridan Robertson, to fill a need for a much more organized way to educate all the people of the world. As a returning undergraduate with experience organizing information of many kinds in the IT industry, I felt frustrated by the difficulty I had in finding the right explainations I needed in order to understand my course material. At one point I finally exclaimed, out loud, "There has got to be a better way!" and I immediately set about devising that way. For a much more in-depth explanation click here...

Current Status

I have finally figured out XML Schema design well enough to create the first alpha version of the XML schema for the DEMML™ content. It only covers the most fundamental items required to construct a DEMML™ topic and I have already decided I need to change some of the ways references are handled, but it should give you an idea of where I am going with this.

I have created a new blog about DEMML™ here where you can keep up with the latest progress and all the various ideas I have about DEMML™.

First Published: July, 9 2009 — Last Modified: December 19, 2010
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